Our affiliate programme is incredible, unbeatable and highly profitable, marketing plan designed to empower and improve the life of people around us. Referrer to have $5.6 for anyone referred to the compan.

Minimum cashout is $56
Amount to join the affiliate programme is $25 aproximately #7,500
Our exchange rate is #300 per 1$

How it works

We offer life changing empowerment services that empowers your life. all you need to do is to sign up When you join our vision of raising successful entrepreneurs, you pay a one-time membership fee of $25 and you become our partner and have privilege of enjoying all our services.

Scholarships and Grants
Income Opportunity
Entrepreneurship and Development
Vocational Training
Business Startup
Residual Income for Life


Account name: Vintek Global ..

Account number: 0780689475

Bank name: Bank Name


We are a Human Capacity and Entrepreneurship Development Company.